Wallpaper with special characters for Macbooks with German keyboard layout

I use a Macbook Pro with a German keyboard. Some special characters like square brackets, curly brackets, pipe or tilde are not labeled on the keyboard. I am not a programmer, so I don't use these characters very often, but sometimes I do write a few lines of code and I am using the terminal regulary. It always drives me crazy when I have to try out all possible key combinations until I find the special character I am looking for.

So I created a wallpaper with the special characters I use the most often and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts. 

The wallpaper is optimized for the 15 inch Macbook Pro with retina display.
If you think this wallpaper is useful for you too, you can download it here:
wallpaper_special_characters.png (366 KB)

If you don't like the fonts, or the colors, you can download the Sketch source file and change it the way you want:
wallpaper_special_characters.sketch (82 KB)

Have fun!