Classic Color Meter

As a designer you need to pick colors sometimes. In Mac OS X there is a free tool called "Digital Color meter" it's stored in  the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. The problem with this tool is it's limited functionality, that's why I am using another tool called "Classic Color Meter" for a long time now. "Classic Color Meter" allows you to copy color values in many different formats and bit resolutions.

Here is a list of the built-in shortcuts. The function "Copy as HTML Hex Snippet" is very handy, because if your graphics software supports HEX values you don't need to copy and paste the three values for red, green and blue separately.

Function Keyboard Shortcut Result
Copy Color as Text
Shift + cmd + C 210 0 12 (in RGB, decimal, 8-bit)
Copy Color as Image
alt + cmd + C
Copy as NCColor Snippet
Shift + cmd + N [NSColor colorWithDeviceRed:(0xD2 / 255.0) green:(0x00 / 255.0) blue:(0x0C / 255.0) alpha:1.0]
Copy as UIColor Snippet
Shift + cmd + U [UIColor colorWithRed:(0xD2 / 255.0) green:(0x00 / 255.0) blue:(0x0C / 255.0) alpha:1.0]
Copy as HTML Hex Snippet
Shift + cmd + X #D2000C
Copy as CSS rgb() Snippet
Shift + cmd + R rgb(210, 0, 12)
Copy as CSS rgba() Snippet
Shift + cmd + A rgba(210, 0, 12, 1.0)

You can download Classic Color Meter in the Mac App Store for 3,49 €