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GTVERNH Frauen Schuhe/Herbst Halbschuh Mittlere Schuh Im Mund Runde Muffins Unten. News vom: 26.12.2018 um 06:20 Uhr

 KPHY Damenschuhe/Hohe Schuhe Winter SAMT Warme Schuhe Harten Boden Sport Casual Schuhen Studenten Frauen Schuhe.

Hy Frauen Stiefel künstliche PU Winter Warm Winddicht Schnee Stiefel Stiefel/Student Mittel-Kalb Stiefel/Damen Winter Stiefel Erhöhen Casual Ski Schuhe (Farbe : Weiß, Größe : 38) ccompliant project that can retrieve saved logins from Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. In the future, this project will be expanded upon to retrieve Cookies and History items from these browsers.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
This project uses the work of @plainprogrammer and his work on a compliant .NET 2.0 CLR compliant SQLite parser, which can be found here. In addition, @gourk created a wonderful ASN parser and helpers for decrypting and parsing the FireFox login files. It uses a revised version of his work (found ) to parse these logins out. Without their work this project would not have come together nearly as quickly as it did.
Hy Frauen Schneeschuhe Stiefel Winter Künstliche PU Stiefelies/Damen Warm Winddicht Slip-Ons Ankle Stiefel/Große Größe Winterstiefel (Farbe : EIN, Größe : 41)
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Vuln: Zoho ManageEngine Applications Manager '/auditLogAction.do' Module SQL Injection Vulnerability

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Zoho ManageEngine Applications Manager '/auditLogAction.do' Module SQL Injection Vulnerability
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HPR2839: Sample episode of the Distrohoppers Digest podcast

Xasclnis Umschlag-Leichtgewichtler tragbar für Das Reisen, Wandern, kampierend, Komfort für Kinder (Farbe : Orange, Größe : 1000g) vom | Quelle: hackerpublicradio.org Edelehu Baby-Träger Atmungsaktives Mesh-Tuch Reise-Spaziergang Baumwolle Baby-Tragekomfortable und Ergonomische Kind-und Neugeborenen-Tragetuch Multi-Position Tragetuch

This is a sample episode of the new Creative Commons tech podcast. It's brought to us by Moss and our own Tony Hughes. From the blurb:

We are two Blokes who love Linux and trying out new stuff, we thought it would be interesting to share our experience of trying new Linux and BSD distributions and how we found it trying to live with them as our daily driver for up to a Month at a time, by recording a podcast about how we got on.


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  • Hy Damenschuhe LARtifical PU Winter Comfort Snow Stiefel Stiefel/Overknee Stiefel/Damen Casual Flat Plus Kaschmir/Warm High Stiefel Blau/Schwarz (Farbe : Schwarz, Größe : 39)
  • Hy Damen Stiefelies Mill Sand Frühling/Herbst / Winter Mode Spitzen High Heel Stiefelies/Damen Casual Stiefeletten Große Größe Lace-up Stiefelies Büro & Karriere Party & Abend (Farbe : D, Größe : 37)
  • Hy 2018 Frauen Stiefel Pu Herbst/Winter große Größe Reitstiefel/Damen Flache beiläufige Stiefelies/Mode innen erhöhen Stiefeletten Party & Abend (Farbe : B, Größe : 41)
  • XxoSchuhe Herren Laufschuhe Mesh Casual Sportschuhe Laufschuhe Leichte Breathable Fashion Turnschuhe

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DANDANJIE Paar Basketball Schuhe 2018 Warmer Winter Komfort Sportschuhe Männer Turnschuhe

Twitter Will Remove Precise Location Tagging In Tweets, Citing Lack of Use

Zur Kategorie wechselnIT Security Nachrichten vom | Quelle: yro.slashdot.org KMJBS-Mesh - Belüftung Laufschuhe Sportschuhe Männer - Freizeit Schwarz 39

Twitter announced today that it is removing the option to tag precise locations in tweets because most people don't use this feature. It will however continue to be available for photos via Twitter's updated camera. TechCrunch reports: Twitter users can opt out of location-sharing features in its "privacy and safety" menu. If you don't want to share your precise location details, you should continue keeping the feature turned off as it is still available in Twitter's camera. After the precise location-sharing feature for tweets is removed, users who want to share where they are can do so through services like Foursquare.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Samsung Auto-Email Signature Accidentally Reveals Scripted Government News Story

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Two days ago, Egypt's former president, Mohammed Morsi, collapsed in court during a trial and died from a sudden heart attack. Even though Morsi was the first democratically elected Egyptian president, news outlets have scrubbed that information from stories of his demise in what appears to be a government-mandated description sent out to press. The Verge reports: As noted by Mada Masr, a majority of newspapers published the same 42-word story sent to editors as a directive via WhatsApp. In the case of at least one outlet, a news anchor did that a little too well. In the clip below, the anchor can be heard wrapping her report with "sent from a Samsung device." Morsi was elected in June 2012, though military forcibly removed him about a year later. The former president collapsed on Monday while in the midst of a courtroom hearing. The circumstances of Morsi's death have been called into question by rival regimes, including that of Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was aligned with Morsi during his brief rule due to both men's links to the Muslim Brotherhood. However, human rights groups have cited Morsi's deteriorating health over the years as the probable cause of this death. It's unclear why the current government, led Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, instructed news outlets to scrub Morsi's presidential history.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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How to automatically disable a scheduled task on Windows 10

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Scheduled tasks are often the best way to automatically run scripts if you’re trying to automate something on your Windows 10 PC. The task scheduler may present a somewhat complicated interface but it is pretty easy to set up a basic task with multiple triggers and actions. Once a task is set up, it needs […]

Read How to automatically disable a scheduled task on Windows 10 by Fatima Wahab on

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How to automatically disable a scheduled task on Windows 10

Zur Kategorie wechselnWindows Tipps vom | Quelle: addictivetips.com Direktlink direkt öffnen

Scheduled tasks are often the best way to automatically run scripts if you’re trying to automate something on your Windows 10 PC. The task scheduler may present a somewhat complicated interface but it is pretty easy to set up a basic task with multiple triggers and actions. Once a task is set up, it needs […]

Read by on AddictiveTips - Tech tips to make you smarter

Zxcvb Wildleder Wanderschuhe, Männer und Frauen Wildleder Mode Turnschuhe, Outdoor-Sport Slip auf Schuhe, Freizeitschuhe - Atmungsaktiv, Rutschfest News Bewertung

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New Cortana experience for Windows 10 shows up in latest preview build

vom | Quelle: feeds.windowscentral.com Direktlink direkt öffnen

A new Cortana UI is coming to Windows 10, and it's hidden in the latest Insider Preview builds. What you need to know A new Cortana UI is hidden in the latest preview build of Windows 10. It introduces a new conversational UI, similar to what's available on Android and iOS. A brand new Cortana experience for Windows 10 has made its first appearance in the latest preview build being tested by Windows Insiders. The feature was spotted by Albacore on Twitter, and is currently hidden in the latest build, but can be enabled via third-party tools. The experience is very similar to the Cortana experience on Android and iOS, with a conversational UI that encourages typing over voice. The new Cortana experience is labeled "beta," and since MIcrosoft hasn't yet unveiled this new UI there's no official word on when we can expect this to show up for testing officially. It's likely we'll see this ship to the public with the Windows 10 20H1 release in the spring of next year, however. Microsof...
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If Uncle Sam could quit using insecure .zip files to swap info across the 'net, that would be great, says Silicon Ron Wyden

Hy Frauen Stiefel Künstliche PU Winter Schneeschuhe Stiefel/Student Wohnung Große Größe/Mitte-Stiefel/Damen Plus Kaschmir/Hohe Stiefel Gelb/Schwarz / Grau (Farbe : Schwarz, Größe : 34) vom | Quelle: Direktlink direkt öffnen

Senator urges NIST to do something about it

Influential US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is not happy about Uncle Sam's employees using insecure .zip files and other archive formats to electronically transfer information.…

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